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At Altius, we pay the same attention to the ingredients in your libations as we do with your food. The use of only premium spirits is the foundation of our cocktail program.

We avoid using artificially flavored spirits, instead favoring natural sweeteners (such as local honey, agave nectar, and turbinado sugar) and fresh fruits, herbs, and spices as flavoring agents. Our mixers are the finest available including artisanal soda and tonic waters, house-made grenadine and fruit syrups, as well as freshly squeezed juices.  For those whose lifestyle favors non-alcoholic beverages, we emphasize healthy and creative potables crafted from the same pure ingredients.

Our menus are temporarily limited and subject to change given current circumstances. Please call the restaurant or ask your server concerning availability


Spring Fever | Belvedere vodka, Chandon ‘Garden Spritz’, lemon, cherry bitters 17

Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica | St. George terroir gin, beet root simple, ginger berry tea, lime, demerara syrup, rhubarb bitters 16

Fashionably Late | Cazadores reposado tequila, pepper & thyme simple, Churchill port 16

A Sip With a View | Makers Mark, Nocino walnut liqueur, orange bitters 16

Spring Sangria | Elderflower liqueur, peach brandy, Sauvignon Blanc 14

The Tasmanian Devil | Maggie’s Farm Falernum, Licor 43, orgeat, black walnut bitters 14


Miller ‘Lite’ | Light Pilsner 7

Southern Tier ‘2x’ | Double IPA 11

St. Pauli Girl ‘Non Alcoholic’ | Pilsner 8

Penn Pilsner | Vienna lager 10


Wake Up Call | Tito’s Handmade vodka, La Prima espresso, Kahlua infused cream, bourbon/walnut sugar, hazelnut bitters 16


Fever Tree Ginger Ale 4

Fever Tree Tonic 4

Fever Tree Club Soda 4

Fever Tree Ginger Beer 4

Man that’s Good | passionfruit puree, lime, ginger ale 9

That Summer Crush | strawberry basil, lime, soda 9