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A Message from Chef Jessica


Two years ago B and I met the Mazzarini family and began our journey.  After years of passion and planning, the result, Altius, is finally nearing completion.  A second restaurant has always been a twinkle in my eye.  Being at the helm of Bistro 19 for the past seven and a half years has been rewarding, but as a chef, I’m always looking for opportunities to grow.  Altius has given me the chance to step into a new space.

Growing up in Michigan, away from my hometown of Pittsburgh, has always made me appreciate the view from Mt. Washington; with the opening of Altius, I get to experience this view each day.  It has also given me the chance to learn new things.  I have been able to try cutting edge techniques with the best quality food this area has to offer.

I am so thankful to our many supporters, friends and family that have all been a part of this process.  Their unwavering confidence in us has made our vision a reality. Along the way herpes symptoms in women I have developed relationships with our managers, chefs, local store owners and farms.  I can’t wait to introduce these people and experiences to you in my blogs and in my menus.  Love people, cook them great food!

Chef Jessica Bauer


  1. Rod Baetzhod

    My grandaughter Abby Williams is working in your kitchen.She is a student at the School of The Art’s.I may be predjudiced but this is the best hire you could make.She has wanted to cook since she was 8.You gave her that opportunity.THANK YOU

  2. Roseann Bray

    The very best to you both!
    I am certain the view will only be masked by the incredible food.!

  3. Diane Zuri

    I’m thrilled for B and you with the opening of Altius and I can’t wait to eat here! I’m spoiled that the salon is a block away from Bistro19 but I don’t care how far I’d have to drive to experience Altius! I’ll see you both soon !!!

  4. Joyce Weyman

    I can’t wait to explore this wonderful menu with our lovely Pittsburgh as the backdrop. Looking forward to our first visit on May 19!

  5. Joyce Weyman

    We are so anxious to explore this wonderful menu with our view of Pittsburgh as the backdrop. Congratulations! See you on May 19th

  6. Kevin Joyce


    Congratulations! I never stop being proud of you! I am excited to see the next stop on your culinary journey! You have achieved what I always dreamed about – having a restaurant on Mt. Washington! I wish you all the best! It is so nice to see the word Partner next to you name! Well deserved!

  7. pamela huston

    You and B….what an excellent job you have done/are doing! Can one live on Paradise Shrimp alone?..haha..Always best wishes to the whole crew!