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  1. A Message from Chef Jessica


    Two years ago B and I met the Mazzarini family and began our journey.  After years of passion and planning, the result, Altius, is finally nearing completion.  A second restaurant has always been a twinkle in my eye.  Being at the helm of Bistro 19 for the past seven and a half years has been rewarding, but as a chef, I’m always looking for opportunities to grow.  Altius has given me the chance to step into a new space.

    Growing up in Michigan, away from my hometown of Pittsburgh, has always made me appreciate the view from Mt. Washington; with the opening of Altius, I get to experience this view each day.  It has also given me the chance to learn new things.  I have been able to try cutting edge techniques with the best quality food this area has to offer.

    I am so thankful to our many supporters, friends and family that have all been a part of this process.  Their unwavering confidence in us has made our vision a reality. Along the way herpes symptoms in women I have developed relationships with our managers, chefs, local store owners and farms.  I can’t wait to introduce these people and experiences to you in my blogs and in my menus.  Love people, cook them great food!

    Chef Jessica Bauer